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Common Reason That Makes Some Relationship Lead To BreakUp

Published by on April 12th, 2020.

Good day to you all our readers, we have come up with another topic which is ” the common Reason that makes some relationship lead to break up, many people don’t really know what normally lead to break up in a relationship, now we will discuss about some few things that lead to break up in a relationship.

1 EGO-: Ego is one of the things that can lead to break up in a relationship what is this so call “EGO” Ego is a person’s sense of self esteem or self importance. The truth is that nothing can kill a relationship faster than ‘EGO. Ego has spoil so many relationship with someone you are dating not just only the person you are dating, Ego can destroy friendship and it can also cause a rift between family members as well.

2 Misunderstanding-: if there is misunderstanding in a relationship there is 95% sure that the relationship will end in breakup, if two partner refused or finding it difficult to understand each other, it will definitely cause a disagreement or quarrel which can lead to break up .

3 Lack of money-: normally in my own view I don’t think this should really cause break up in a relationship, but the truth is that you can’t compare the life of olden days to nowadays life style, because nowadays,if you are having finicial problem your partner will leave you for another person especially ladies, I have seen and know some ladies that left their true love because of finicial problem. But the truth should be told lack of money will ruin a good relationship in many aspect.

4 Fake love-: if you are having fake love with your partner, there is no way you can cope because you will definitely start showing some attitude and character which your partner did not like or accept, you will find it difficult to satisfy him/her which can cause break up in your relationship.

5 No Trust-: If there is lack of trust in a relationship, the relationship will fall apart, once the trust you have in your partner or friendship is broken it will lead to break up, let use a glass of cup as an example -: if you are holding a glass of cup and the cup fell down from your hand it will got broken and scattered and there is no way you can pack it and join it together to reform it back to how it is before so that mean it’s useless it’s not useful anymore , that’s how a broken trust work in a relationship. Once it’s broken it can’t be thesame again.

6 Cheating-: this is the most thing that lead to break up in many Relationship.

If you are not faithful to your partner,you will starting behaving strange some attitude will start for example like taking your phone along with you anywhere you are going all the time even to the bathroom, you are constantly texting, you spend much time on social media than before.

The attention you have for your partner reduces, this is a sign that you are cheating and your partner can never cope with all this attitude which will possible lead to break up.

This are the few reason why some relationship lead to break up nowadays…….


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